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LPA Strategic Capital provides the following services:

Wealth Management-

Our Wealth Management services include financial planning, portfolio management, reporting, client education, and ongoing communication. LPA Strategic Capital does not provide tax or legal advice; however we are proud to coordinate our services with those of your tax, legal and other advisors. We also provide unbiased, nonproprietary information for the client to make a well informed educated decision.

Brokerage- We offer an extensive array of brokerage services including.

  • *Equities
  • *Mutual Funds
  • *Taxable and Tax Free Bonds
  • *Exchange Traded Funds
  • *Education Savings Plans

Financial Planning- We offer financial planning for our clients through a six step process:

  • *Establishing and defining the client – planner relationship
  • *Gathering client data
  • *Analyzing and evaluating the clients financial status
  • *Developing and presenting financial recommendations and alternatives
  • *Implementing the financial planning recommendations
  • *Monitoring the financial planning recommendations

Alternative Investments-

We offer high net worth and institutional investors seeking capital appreciation with risk adjusted returns.

Products include:

  • Managed Futures
  • Non- Public REITS
  • Gas and Oil Programs
  • Equipment Leasing

Insurance- We offer an extensive array of life insurance products.

Products include:

  • Whole Life
  • Term Life
  • Variable Life
  • Disability
  • Long Term Care
  • Fixed Annuities
  • Variable Annuities

Custom portfolio design and Management-

We custom design and individually manage every client portfolio. Our rigorous security selection processes identify a set of securities we believe provide the greatest potential for our clients. We will evaluate each client’s specific needs and objectives and risk tolerance and purchase the appropriate investments to collectively meet those requirements.

Reporting and transactions-

Each quarter we send our clients an in depth analysis of their portfolio which includes recent transactions, recent and historical performance, as well as a detailed schedule of investments held at the end of the designated period

Education and Communication-

LPA Strategic Capital believes that ongoing communication, coupled with client-focused service, are key in accomplishing your long term financial goals. We will offer clients weekly emails and "EYE on your Money" magazine on a quarterly basis. This newsletter will keep clients well informed on the market and recent investment topics.

* California Insurance License #OB91204